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Commissions: Writing, tutoring, researching.


I am trying to accomplish a lot of things right now—get out of my inlaws place, even though my job pays me inconsistently, help my dog find a permanent loving home, which may require gas money to drive her there, and… if I can accomplish these two great tasks… pay for getting to 221B Con (already have someone to stay with, and my membership-just need to get there now)

So I am going to try this. 

I know when artists need money, they take commissions. I wonder if I could take commissions to write things. No academic papers, for reasons of your academic honesty and I work at a high school and would like to keep my job. 

What I CAN offer: 

1) Proofreading services for $1 a page. I used to teach freshman comp for five years at a university. I think you can trust my judgement on structure/grammar issues. 

2) Fan fiction OR original fiction for $5 per 100 words. My now-rarely-used 100-word fiction blog: shows what I can do with 100 words. The later stories are 10 words a piece, and I update it now and again when I get on a kick. I’ve also been published on several fiction websites, and in multiple print anthologies. I know how to write writey-things.

My username on AO3 and whofic is spastasmagoria if you want to look at my fanfic. Can be for yourself or a prezzy for someone else. Come on, indulge :) 

We can negotiate something hand-written on pretty paper, or on the back of an old card catalogue card, or something cool like that, if you are looking for a unique present for someone. 

3) Tutoring—soft sciences, history, literature, composition, writing… As a librarian I am a jack of many trades. Price negotiable on how much help you need. 

4) Reference research. I’m a librarian. I do this for a living. Need help finding resources for your paper/thesis/dissertation/book you are writing? I can help. Price negotiable based on how in-depth the research needs to be. 

5) Tutoring in HOW to research. Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start on your paper? I can help. Price negotiable depending on length of session. 

Does this sound reasonable? Does this sound like something anyone would be interested in? Maybe signal boost if you think this is worthy? I am a hard worker, and I am trying to work my way out of the bad circumstances I find myself in. My paypal e-mail is

I know a lot of people ask for money on tumblr, etc. And I am not judging them, or their circumstances, but I am not comfortable doing that. But I am willing to work for it. 

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